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Monday, June 23, 2008

Tampa Florida's Best Neighborhoods

It seems that everyone wants to know how to find the best neighborhood in the Tampa Bay area.
The website for the City of Tampa has many useful resources, which I've provided a list below.
Keep in mind this is only for the actual City Limits of Tampa.
I will be posting a similar report on Hillsborough County
which will include areas like
Westchase, and Citrus Park.

Here's a link I posted a while back on The BEST neighborhoods in Tampa so feel free to check it out.

Recently, I went back to the website for The City of Tampa and did some searching around. You really need to navigate the site because there is so much information.

For instance, the following information was listed under city "characteristics".

Not a link I would normally click on to find out where the schools and libraries are.

Hope this will help you find your perfect neighborhood.

Lawn Watering Days
Places of Interest
Public Libraries
Public Schools
Street Cleaning

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