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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Downtown Tampa Housing Study shows signs of growth

Studies and Reviews

Last week’s release of the first-ever Downtown Tampa Study showed some interesting results. Here are some of the key findings:

Downtown workers and residents are heavily engaged with the downtown cultural and entertainment community. Many have annual memberships to the facilities and attend events at these facilities on a regular basis.

Of the 60,000 downtown workers, 12.5% have a strong interest in living downtown. This translates to close to 6,000 potential new residents. Currently, there are not enough units built to accommodate that kind of growth.

Downtown residents and workers would like to see a stronger retail market. The research also shows that if there was a stronger retail market place, people would shop at the stores.

Downtown workers and residents both want downtown to offer better parking, improved bicycle paths, friendlier pedestrian walkways and a more user-friendly means of commuting within the core than having to use the car.

While downtown residents tend to be mostly male, downtown workers tend to be mostly female.
To view the presentation that was made on April 30th during the Tampa Electric/Novare-Intown Group Downtown Debriefing Series event, click here.

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