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Friday, July 27, 2007

IKEA Coming to Tampa Formally Approved!

Tampa council OK's IKEA plans

Tampa Bay Business Journal - 5:49 PM EDT Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Tampa City Council on Thursday formally approved IKEA's initial plans to build a 353,000-square-foot store at the southeast corner of Adamo Drive and 22nd Street.

Pending approval of building permits, the Swedish retailer could start construction as early as next summer and target the opening for summer 2009. IKEA would replace the Tampa International Center business park on a 29-acre site that will include 1,700 parking spaces.
Privately owned IKEA International A/S announced March 26 it would build its third Florida store in the Tampa Bay area after nearing completion of others in Sunrise and Orlando, both which are slated to open this fall. Atlanta is the nearest current location to the Bay area, where IKEA estimates having roughly 100,000 customers.

"While we already knew many in the area were IKEA customers, the outpouring of interest since we announced our plans -- plus this approval by the city -- makes us feel so welcome," Michael Maier, IKEA real estate manager, stated in a release.

The council's approval comes as no surprise, given Mayor Pam Iorio's strong support for the project. The new store is expected to create 400 permanent jobs, along with 500 jobs while it is being built.

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